Section 1 – Questions and Answers

  • General Information
    1. What is the purpose of the Plan?
    2. When did the Plan start?
    3. Who is responsible for the operation of the Plan?
    4. Who is responsible for interpreting the Plan and for making determinations under the Plan?
    5. What is a Plan Year?
  • Plan Financing
    1. Who pays for the Plan?
    2. How are Plan assets managed?
    3. If the Plan is discontinued, what will happen to the assets of the Plan?
  • Plan Participation
    1. How do I become a Participant in the Plan?
    2. Can my participation in the Plan ever stop
  • Earning Credited Service
    1. Why is Credited Service important?
    2. How do I earn Credited Service?
    3. What constitutes an Hour of Service?
    4. If I fail to earn a full year of Credited Service in a Plan Year, can I make up that Credited Service?
    5. Is there a limit of Credited Service that I can accumulate in my lifetime?
    6. Is there a limit of Credited Service that I can earn in any one Plan Year?
    7. Will I receive Credited Service for time spent in the Military?
    8. Can I lose my Credited Service once I have earned it?
  • Becoming Vested
    1. What is vesting?
    2. What are the requirements for vesting under the Plan?
  • Break In Service
    1. What is a Break in Service?
    2. What is a Break Year?
    3. Are there any exceptions to this provision?
    4. What happens if I experience a Break in Service when I am not vested?
    5. Can any Credited Service and benefit accruals that I lose because of a Break in Service ever be reinstated?
    6. What happens if I experience a Break in Service when I am vested?
  • Normal Pension
    1. What is Normal Retirement Age?
    2. How do I satisfy the service requirement for a Normal Pension?
    3. How much is the Normal Pension?
  • Unreduced Early & Early Pension
    1. Must I wait until age 65 to start my pension?
    2. How do I satisfy the requirements for an Unreduced Early Pension?
    3. How is my Unreduced Early Pension calculated?
    4. How do I satisfy the requirement for an Early Pension?
    5. How is my Early Pension calculated?
  • Disability Pension
    1. How disabled must I be in order to receive a Disability Pension?
    2. What are the other requirements for entitlement to a Disability Pension?
    3. What is the service requirement for a Disability Pension?
    4. What is the size of the Disability Pension?
  • Applying For Pension Benefits
    1. When should I submit an application for my pension?
    2. How do I submit an application for my pension?
    3. Will proof of age be required?
    4. If I forget to apply when I am eligible, will my pension payments be retroactive?
    5. Must I apply for my pension as soon as I am eligible?
    6. What are the consequences if I lie on my application, or if I submit false information or proof?
    7. Can I choose what kind of pension I am to receive?
    8. Can I choose to provide a benefit for my spouse?
  • Receiving Your Pension
    1. How often will I receive my pension payments?
    2. For how long will I receive my pension payments?
    3. Can my pension payments ever be reduced, suspended, or forfeited?
    4. What happens to my retirement benefits if I am divorced?
    5. May I transfer a distribution from this Plan directly into another qualified retirement plan or to an Individual Retirement Account?
    6. How will payments be made to me if I am unable to care for myself?
    7. Can I borrow from the pension money I am to receive?
    8. Can my pension money ever be assigned to pay for outstanding debts or any other obligation?
    9. May I take a cash settlement instead of monthly pension payments?
  • Surviving Spouse’s Pensions
    1. What are the requirements for my spouse to be considered an “eligible spouse”?
    2. What is the Married Couple Form?
    3. How do we choose not to receive my benefit in the Married Couple form?
    4. What is the widow’s benefit?
    5. How can I learn more about the Married Couple form of pension?
    6. How does the Pre-Retirement Surviving Spouse Pension work?
    7. How does the Pre-Retirement Death Benefit work?
  • Reciprocal Agreements
    1. What is a reciprocal agreement?
  • Optional Joint & Survivor Form Of Pension Payment
    1. May I receive my pension in a form other than the Married Couple form already discussed?
    2. What is the optional form of pension payment?
    3. How is the optional life annuity with 75% continuance to my spouse paid?
    4. After I retire, can I change the optional form of payment I have chosen?
  • Appeal Procedure
    1. What happens if my application for benefits under the Plan is denied?
  • Suspension Of Pensions
    1. Under what circumstances will my pension benefit be withheld?
    2. What is disqualifying employment?
    3. What industry or area is covered by the Plan?
    4. Do I have to notify the Plan if I work in disqualifying employment?
    5. Will I be notified before my pension is suspended?
    6. May I appeal any decision to suspend my pension?
    7. Are there circumstances where I could work with no suspension of benefits?
    8. How are my benefits determined after I stop working and retire again?
    9. When will my benefit payments resume after a suspension?