Becoming Vested

This aspect of the Pension Plan is of concern if you leave the bargaining unit before pension age.

19. What is vesting?

Vesting refers to a non-forfeitable right to receive a pension benefit under the Plan.  Once you become vested, it does not matter what happens after that time, you will be entitled to receive your accrued pension benefit at your Normal Pension Date (or your Early Pension Date, if eligible).  This right ceases if you die before your pension starts.

In order to become vested under the Plan, you must fulfill certain requirements.

20. What are the requirements for vesting under the Plan?

You will be 100% vested in your accrued pension benefit if you satisfy any one of the following three alternative requirements:

  • You satisfy the age and service requirements for a Normal or Early Pension; or
  • You have at least five (5) years of Credited Service which have not been forfeited because of a Break in Service and at least one Hour of Service earned after December 31, 1998; or
  • You became vested under prior Plan provisions.  If you have any questions concerning previous vesting schedules, contact the Fund Manager.

The vesting requirement is not retroactive.  If you have broken your service and lost Credited Service (because you were not vested), at some time in the past, the revised Plan does not reinstate such lost service.