Reciprocal Agreements

Agreements have been made to protect your participation in this Plan when you work in certain other plan areas.  These agreements are called reciprocal agreements.

63. What is a reciprocal agreement?

The Pension Fund has entered agreements with other pension funds for I.B.E.W. bargaining unit employees.  In accordance with the terms of these agreements, when a permanent member of this Pension Plan works in the area of the other pension plan, payments are sent by the other pension plan to this Pension Plan.  He or she receives no Credited Service of any kind under the other pension plan, but receives Credited Service under this Pension Plan as if he or she had worked in the area of this Pension Plan.

Likewise, if you are not a permanent member of this Pension Plan but work in this Pension Plan’s area and are a permanent member of a pension plan with which this Pension Fund has such a reciprocal agreement, you will receive no Credited Service under this Pension Plan.  Your Credited Service for your work here will be determined by the rules of the other pension plan.