Optional Joint & Survivor Form Of Pension Payment

If you are legally married to an eligible spouse on your Early, Unreduced Early or Normal Pension Date, your pension will be paid in the Married Couple form (see question 57).  However, an optional form of payment is available if you and your eligible spouse.

64. May I receive my pension in a form other than the Married Couple form already discussed?

Yes; if you do not want the standard form described above you may select an optional form of payment.

Both you and your eligible spouse must elect not to receive your benefit in the Married Couple form in order for it to be paid in the optional form.

Your spouse’s agreement to this waiver must be notarized and made during the 180-day period ending with the effective date of your pension.

65. What is the optional form of pension payment?

The option you may choose is a life annuity with 75% continuance to your spouse.

66. How is the optional life annuity with 75% continuance to my spouse paid?

The life annuity with 75% continuance to your spouse is a reduced monthly pension paid to you as long as you live with the provision that, if your spouse outlives you, he or she will start receiving 75% of the reduced monthly pension that you had been receiving.  The reduction for the 75% continuance is greater than the reduction for the 50% continuance.

67. After I retire, can I change the optional form of payment I have chosen?

No.  Once your monthly pension commences, whether in the standard or in the optional form, the form is irrevocable.