General Information

1. What is the purpose of the Plan?

The purpose of the Plan is to provide an income for you following the time that you retire from active employment in the electrical construction industry in the area.  This benefit is in addition to any other benefits to which you may be entitled.

2. When did the Plan start?

The Plan started August 29, 1960.

3. Who is responsible for the operation of the Plan?

The Board of Trustees, composed of persons appointed by Local 25 and by contributing Employers in equal numbers.  Local 25 and the contributing Employers are equally represented on the Board of Trustees.

4. Who is responsible for interpreting the Plan and for making determinations under the Plan?

The Board of Trustees.  In order to carry out this responsibility, the Board of Trustees, or their designee, shall have exclusive authority and discretion:

to determine whether you are eligible for any benefits under the Plan;

to determine the amount of benefits, if any, you are entitled to from the Plan;

to interpret all of the Plan’s provisions;

to interpret all of the provisions of the summary plan description;

to interpret the provisions of any collective bargaining agreement or written participation agreement involving or impacting the Plan;

to interpret all the provisions of any other document or instrument involving or impacting the Plan;

to interpret the provisions of the Trust Agreement governing the operation of the Plan;

to interpret all of the terms used in the Plan, the summary plan description, and all of the other previously mentioned agreements, documents, and instruments.

All such determinations and interpretations made by the Trustees, or their designee:

  • shall be final and binding upon any individual claiming benefits under the Plan and upon all employees, all employers, the Union, and any party who has executed any agreement with the Trustees or the Union;
  • shall be given deference in all courts of law, to the greatest extent allowed by applicable law; and
  • shall not be overturned or set aside by any court of law unless the court finds that the Trustees, or their designee, abused their discretion in making such determination or rendering such interpretation.

4. What is a Plan Year?

A Plan year shall be a calendar year for accounting purposes; however, the base year for determining pension eligibility is generally the period commencing with the Saturday immediately following the last Friday in December through the next ensuing last Friday in December.