Disability – Permanent

 Disability – Permanent

Becoming permanently disabled represents a large change in your life. While some adjustments to your lifestyle may be small, others may signify a complete transformation.

Medical services that might apply to your particular situation are covered as described in the Health & Benefit Fund’s Summary Plan Description (Plan A/Plan B). It may also be helpful to find out what benefits, if any, are available to you through your spouse’s plan, if applicable.

Plan Checklist

  • Review the rules for the Disability Pension in the Pension Fund SPD. If you think you have met the qualifications for this benefit, contact the Fund office to initiate the retirement process.
  • Go over the rules concerning the limited extensions of health benefit coverage and COBRA continuation coverage rules. Continued health benefit coverage is an essential component for dealing with your disability.

Contact the Fund office if you have any questions.