Initial Coverage – Stage 1 (Hospital, Loss of Time, Major Medical, Prescription, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefits)

Employers are required to report employees work record and pay contributions as shown on Weekly Payroll Remittances.

An employee must work a minimum of 650 clock hours in covered employment, or its equivalent, in any consecutive six (6) month period to be eligible for the coverage provided under the Fund. Benefits will commence on the first day of the month following the completion of 650 clock hours of work. If an employee works under a Reciprocal Agreement, the 650 clock hours rule shall apply, but the hours will be determined by dividing the reciprocal contributions received on the employee’s behalf by the average Residential Wiremen’s contribution rate required under the Local 25 Residential Unit Collective Bargaining Agreement. Thereafter, a benefit coverage period, for the purposes of the Plan, shall be a six (6) month period commencing the first Saturday after the last Friday of December and June of each year.

Coverage – Stage 2 (Death Benefits, Dental, Optical and Hearing Care)

An employee must work a minimum of 800 clock hours in covered employment or in reciprocating employment wherein payments are received by this Fund at least equal to the Residential Wireman’s average fund contribution rate as set forth in the Residential Unit Collective Bargaining Agreement in each of three (3) Benefit Coverage Periods, in order to be eligible for this coverage. Self-Pay as set forth in this Plan (Pages 2-3) will also qualify as a Benefit Coverage Period for this Purpose.

When Do You Qualify to File for Benefits?

An employee will become a Plan Participant on the date he/she became eligible for coverage under the Plan. His/her Dependents will become eligible also on that date, or the date he/she acquires the Dependent, whichever is later.

Eligible Dependents:

  1. Plan Participant’s Spouse.
  2. Plan Participant’s children (including stepchildren) up to age 26 years of age. Such coverage will be provided through December 31 of the year in which they attain age 26.
  3. The Plan will continue coverage on unmarried mentally or physically handicapped Dependent children over the age of 26 only if they became so incapacitated while an eligible Dependent and are incapable of self-sustaining employment.
  4. Eligible Dependents will not be covered for any benefits for claims arising more than 30 days prior to the Participant registering such Dependent with the Fund office.