The method of calculation for your Account shall be based upon the following as defined herein: (a) Your Average Monthly Balance, (b) Net Income (c) Expenses and, if applicable (d) Retention and (e) Special Administrative Fees:

  1. Average Monthly Balance: The balance of your account on the last day of each month of a calendar year with the total divided by twelve before adjustments for net investment return and expenses.
  2. Net Income: A proportionate share of earnings, less administrative costs, applied to your account. Any account that has a zero balance on December 31 will not be credited with earnings.
  3. Expenses: All items of administrative costs and charges other than investment expenses incurred during the year. Each Account shall be charged with these expenses based on the average monthly balance of Employer Contributions credited to the Account. Anything herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding, each Account will be charged with a $50 Administrative Charge each Plan Year. The remaining balance shall be the “net value” of your Account at the end of the calendar year. Retired Participant’s not utilizing ACH direct deposit for monthly distributions will be charged $20 for each Fund check issued.
  4. Retention: Lump sum distributions of $2,000 dollars or more may be subject to a 20% retention until the Plan is valued at year end.
  5. Special Administrative Fees:
    • Hardship Withdrawal Fee $50.00
    • New Loan Fee $50.00
    • Returned Check Fee $25.00
    • Loan Default Fee $50.00
    • Active Termination Withdrawal Fee $50.00
    • QDRO Withdrawal Fee $50.00
    • QDRO Review Fee $350.00